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February 25, 2011
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He had followed Clu closely after the preliminary games. One of the few where he got to sit back with his Programmer and watch the sometimes pitiful displays of other programs' grasp on combat. It was somewhere in between amusing, and a reminder of why he was Clu's best.

Clu for the most part never complained about his everpresent shadow. Sure, at times, he would shoo Rinzler off for a moment alone or intentionally play games with the enforcer for his own amusement. Watching the silent, stalking program searching high and low for his Programmer while Clu was almost in plain sight never failed to amuse him.

It was not one of those days for Clu to feel so frivolous. Rinzler could tell it in the slight downturn of Clu's mouth, the tension between his brows. He watched his Programmer from across the smooth glass of his touch-screen desk, as he dragged his fingers across the surface, examining inquiries from different units under his command. Clu sat back, rubbing a hand over his face before looking to Rinzler with a neutral gaze.

"Commander Keyl is requesting my presence for strategic defense discussions. You'd think they'd be able to figure it out on their own," the Programmer murmured, lifting a brow at his companion. Rinzler turned his head to regard Clu, clasping his hands in his lap.

"Your presence is motivation enough outside of your advice," Rinzler rasped out, watching as Clu peeled himself from his chair, coming around the desk and standing before the other program. He smiled, reaching beneath the helmet face that was trained on him, stroking the side of the enforcer's neck, enjoying the rumble he got in response. "Would you like me to accompany you, Programmer?"

"No, that won't be necessary. The less pomp down their the less I have to worry about and faster I can get back here," Clu sighed, giving the side of Rinzler's helmet an affectionate pat. "Not saying that I have to worry about you. Stay here until I get back, alright? Make yourself comfy," Clu advised with the casual smile he threw all too willingly at his pet. Rinzler nodded, and Clu was off on his task, muttering under his breath about re-programming incompetant programs.

Once the door to the office had shut, Rinzler sat back, momentarily lost. What to do, in his Programmer's lair? A glance around the mostly spartan space didn't give many options, until his gaze came to rest on the series of strange contraptions Clu had formulated and collected on his desk. They were intricate designs of silvery metal, some very strange looking, with no immediate purpose. Although when they were touched, they would begin moving without ceasing, working on relative momentum.

Rinzler reached out to one of the toys, a rectangular contraption with five silver spheres suspended in the middle. He picked up one of the end orbs and let it go, letting it work its physics magic, knocking the other end ball up and back again in noisy repetition. He watched it for a moment before stopping the spheres, letting silence once more invade the room. It was then that he lifted himself from the chair and began to wander.

Clu wasn't much of a sentimental program, not having many things to decorate his domicile. A singular digital painting in blues and greys lined one wall, a vase of white and red on a low table. The enforcer's fingers trailed over these things, walking a familiar path towards an obscure door, to which he turned in to and entered a second room. Clu's personal quarters.

It was just as barren in the space as the previous one, Rinzler taking in the sights he had seen before. A simple bed, a side table with a red and black time display. His favorite piece of furniture lay in this room as well - a plush chaise that Clu often napped in. Rinzler stilled upon seeing a pile of clothing on the couch, a flap of cloth draping over the edge to the floor. A bold stripe of yellow followed the hem of the garment, and Rinzler felt his datastreams quicken.

Clu's coat.

It was (almost) everyone's favorite garment their luminary wore. Tailored and elegant, it gave Clu the regal image he was suited for in front of his followers. Rinzler was included, intrigued by its swooping tails and tall collar and how it enhanced Clu's visage in its simple use.

Stepping lightly, Rinzler approached the chaise, reaching down and placing his hand into the resting cloth. The circuitry was a shade dimmer than it would have been if equipped to its owner, but it did not detract from the program's amazement. Fingertips found the edge of a circuit, following its path along a sleeve, and Rinzler made a satisfied noise. He glanced over his shoulder before gathering  the garment up and sitting, caressing the shaped shoulders. Hesitantly, he pressed the item to the vents in his helmet, breathing in as much as he could.

Not many programs were keen on scent, but for him, it was necessary. Clu may have liked to play hiding games, but it was most usually that trace of him that Rinzler picked up that gave him away.

Rinzler made a satisfied noise as he leaned back, inspecting the coat once more. On a whim, he spread the lapel and slid an arm into the coat, shrugging it on. The inside was slick and cool, the program shivering just slightly as the sensations caught up to him. He stretched his arms out and looked at the play of light from the circuits, running his hands along them one at a time. The ends of the sleeves came to the middle of his hands, amusingly enough.

Leaning back into the chaise, Rinzler allowed himself a sigh, relaxing in the pseudo embrace of his Programmer.


Clu was feeling significantly better after his chat with his sub-commanders. It had not taken much to reassure the soldiers that their tactics were effective and resource efficient. Apparently his role as illustrious leader also included mother-henning.

Rolling his shoulders once he was safe in his office, Clu examined the room for any sign of Rinzler. Wondering if his enforcer was hiding in an attempt of a game, he smirked, proceeding to check every nook and cranny of his space. Unfortunately, he was wrong. That left only one option...

"Rinzler?" Clu poked his head into his private chamber, hoping to find his program in some suggestive physical display to remedy his ailments, but alas, found none. He hummed, stepping into the room. Had Rinzler left? He was about to turn back out to his office, but paused, looking over to his favored chaise lounge.

His coat had taken on a much bigger and lumpier looking form than it usually took when it was laid out. A slow grin crossed Clu's lips, and he approached quietly, hearing the subtle gurgle-purr that was Rinzler when he got close enough. Leaning over the figure, he drew back the edge of the jacket, revealing a considerably comfortable looking Rinzler. Well, he had advised his enforcer to get comfy, hadn't he?

Clu smiled broadly, sitting on the edge of the chaise, daring to rest a hand against the back of his pet's shoulder, smoothing his palm across the hunched plane. Rinzler made a barely distenguishable noise, relaxing significantly at the contact. Expression softening, he continued the light petting. This was nice, he thought. Very nice.
Moments in time.
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